Articles in Las Vegas Cocktail Recipes

Sadelle’s at Bellagio makes a light, bubbly Blood Orange cocktail

by Janna Karel on

Sadelle’s serves dishes and drinks adjacent to the Bellagio Conservatory. The restaurant’s Sunset Hour menu is available from 3 to 7 p.m. daily.... Read full article

Try this gorgeous cocktail flight on the Las Vegas Strip

by Janna Karel on

Bar Centro at Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres recently launched Flight Unknown. It features five cocktails developed with creative backstories and innovative techniques.... Read full article

Las Vegas Strip secret menu pairs Manhattans with chocolate

by Janna Karel on

Rosina at the Palazzo has a secret menu that features five twists on the classic Manhattan.... Read full article

Hazel’s new cocktail is served with smoke in a Sherlock pipe

by Janna Karel on

Mandalay Bay’s new Hazel Coffee and Cocktails serves traditional cocktails alongside updated takes.... Read full article

Andrea’s at Wynn Las Vegas makes a floral Pretty in Pink cocktail

by Janna Karel on

Resident mixologist Andrew Pollard has launched a new cocktail menu at Andrea’s at Wynn Las Vegas. The aptly named Pretty in Pink cocktail combines Japanese gin and florals.... Read full article

Las Vegas cocktail is made with fire and smoke

by Janna Karel on

The aptly named Burning History cocktail at Zuma is a complex combination of smoky and citrus.... Read full article

Learn to make Esther’s Kitchen’s Lipstick & Cigarettes cocktail

by Janna Karel on

This two-tone cocktail is a modern play on the New York sour.... Read full article

Learn how to make Momofuku’s Bok to the Beet cocktail

by Janna Karel on

Momofuku’s cocktail menu boasts a variety of unique ingredients, including one with beets and bok choy making for a complex cocktail with a surprisingly refreshing finish.... Read full article

Golden Lotus cocktail honors Chinese tea service

by Janna Karel on

The Cosmopolitan’s newest restaurant, Red Plate, serves a cocktail that honors Chinese tea service.... Read full article

How to make Papa Salvatore cocktail from Vetri Cucina at the Palms

by Al Mancini on

This cocktail is dedicated to, and named after, Marc Vetri’s father, Salvatore.... Read full article