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Dry Eye Disease: When Your Eye Drops Aren’t Enough


The fairly common experience leads many to underestimate the effect Dry Eye Disease can have on someone’s entire life.... Read full article

Ready to escape? 8 tips to conquer an 'Escape Room'


You and your family, friends or colleagues are locked in a room for an hour and have to use your brains to figure out how to escape. Here are 8 tips to help you succeed!... Read full article

Car accidents not planned, but here's what to do next


In the minutes after a car accident, most people are thinking about how they'll get to work the next day, not whether their insurance company is going to treat them fairly.... Read full article

New Rules of the Road: How Uber, Autonomous cars are changing personal injury law


Ride-sharing companies and self-driving cars have changed the way people travel. They've also changed how insurance companies write policies and how juries decide who’s liable after an accident.... Read full article

5 Tips for Picking a Plastic Surgeon


Not every doctor who advertises that they do breast lifts or nose jobs is a plastic surgeon. ... Read full article

OPIUM Reviewed

by Guest Columnist, Harry M. Howie on

These days, with our modern world wide internets, everybody is an expert and the reviews come at you like a twittering flock of demented parrots. ... Read full article

VEGAS HIT SHOW - Behind the scenes at OPIUM

by Guest Columnist, Harry M. Howie on

Behind the scenes at OPIUM by Harry M. Howie: "Sunday night, I’ll be rolling out the red carpet for the Opening Night of Opium, the little show that refuses to fit in, but just might be the very thing the world needs right now."... Read full article

Is your air conditioner ready for spring? Top tips for prepping your air conditioner

by Gibson Air Conditioning on

With the summer of 2017 being the hottest year on record, it’s important to make sure your home is prepared for the hot temperatures approaching.... Read full article

Vegas’s Las Veg-iest Show?


Harry M. Howie, the original great Aussie showman; a name synonymous with the greatest outback casino shows of all time, is launching his new show OPIUM in Las Vegas.... Read full article

KB Home shines brightly as silver winner for Best Homebuilder in Las Vegas


KB Home has become known for its unique approach that allows homebuyers to personalize their home’s design and functionality to reflect their individual wants and needs.... Read full article