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Nicholas Wooldridge is Las Vegas’ premier criminal defense attorney and has etched a niche for himself among the pantheon of defense lawyers. Mr. Wooldridge has repeatedly showed ability in cases from small cases to large ones. Along the way he was an integral part in developing the defense for an associate of the Boston Marathon Bomber. When it comes to clients, Mr. Wooldridge’s default mode is acceptance. He doesn’t judge a client based on what they supposedly did. Mr. Wooldridge grasps that sometimes good people make mistakes and often innocent persons get caught in the net cast by overzealous law enforcement personnel. Few lawyers are recognized for their skill in local, state, national and international legal arenas – simutaneously. Mr. Wooldridge accomplished that feat. Whether representing international criminals or petty crooks, Mr. Wooldridge has sustained his legal competency and combined it with the experience of a barrister decades his senior. Mixed in is the healthy dose of compassion of a person who has seen life’s troubles and trials. A dynamo in the high-stakes legal world of New York City before returning home to Las Vegas, Mr. Wooldridge was recognized as one of the “Top 40 Under 40” — not an easy feat as membership requires the affirmation of one’s peers. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Mr. Wooldridge earned his J.D. from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas Law School before practicing in New York City for a decade. While there he worked with Arkady Bukh, the noted criminal defense attorney, in representing Azamat Tazhayakov, one of the co-conspirators in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Since returning to Las Vegas Mr. Wooldridge has continued his fight for justice for all layers of social-strata his client roster includes white collar criminals, international cyber thieves and locals who need help in dealing with a swatch of legal issues.


400 S. 7th Street
Suite 401
Nevada 89101

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Egor Koloff
New York, NY
Unique lawyer

This guy Nick Wooldridge is simply awesome! I can't describe how grateful I am to retain him to represent me in my criminal case. He was a God send. Thanks!

July 2018

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