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Do you love classic cars? When you book a tour here at Nostalgia Street Rods, you’ll get access to a private collection of automobiles from 1910 to 1965. This includes everything from street rods to scooters. We also offer a large selection of memorabilia and antiques including signed sports memorabilia, music memorabilia signed by famous musicians and much more! If you love hot rods and other classic cars, you’ll absolutely love it here at Nostalgia Street Rods. Book your tour today, and have a fantastic time at our museum!

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Goldstroms Classic Car Show


5375 Cameron St M
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

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  • 2018 Gold Winner
  • 2018 Silver Winner
  • 2019 Bronze Winner


Monday-Friday: 9AM-3PM Sat-Sun: Appointment Only


Sixty-five years in the making, Nostalgia Street Rods Museum

Sixty-five years in the making, Nostalgia Street Rods Museum

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The Nostalgia Street Rods Museum can be traced back to decades ago when Art Goldstrom bought his first Ford at 15 years old.

August 1, 2019


3 Reviews
Travis Deeter
Las Vegas
Best Hot Rod shop in Town

I love all the amazing memorabilia and the beautiful cars.. so much time has been put into the collection of Nostalgic hot Rods and drag cars, if you are looking for a killer place to stroll down memory lane ,go check out the tour and meusum.

June 2019

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Dan Hall
Las Vegas
Best car museum ever!!!

This place is unbelievable!! Definitely the best car museum I have ever seen!!! They have a little bit of everything, including sport and music memorabilia plus some other collectibles that will take you back to the good ol’days!

June 2019

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Rexanne Andrews
Las Vegas Nevada
Hidden Gem

A Must See. A hidden gem in Nevada full of fun and exciting hot rods and more. Book your tour today

October 2018

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