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Parker Medical offers traditional Internal Medicine and Pediatric services, integrated with alternative medical approaches and personalized to meet your needs in a concierge setting. When you become a patient at Parker Medical through membership, you’ve enrolled at a practice that is centered around you and your health. We’re able to invest more time in your care than a traditional doctor’s office because as a subscription medical practice, we limit the number of patients the practice treats. Additionally, we can offer amenities that a traditional office is not able to provide. 24/7 access to your doctor Guaranteed same day or next day appointments No waiting for your appointment upon arrival House calls when medically necessary In-house lab draws Access to our wellness center and more The membership fee does not cover all services that you may require. Our practice assumes that you are insured by a health insurance plan that may cover or reimburse you for labs, vaccinations, diagnostic or pathologic testing, hospitalizations, specialist visits and medications. For more information or questions about our practice, please visit our FAQs page or call the office at (702) 778-2204.


5380 South Rainbow Boulevard
Suite 228
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

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Fax: 702-688-4371

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Mon - Thu: 8am - 5pm Fri: 8am - 12pm Sat and Sun: Appointment only 24/7 availability with membership


2 Reviews
Bessy Lee-Oh
Las Vegas, NV
Great Doctor!

Why I didn't do this sooner is beyond me!! I recommend Dr. Parker to anyone that wants the kind of care that should be expected from a GP or any doctor that you need to get care from. He really cares about every patient and spends the time to go over your health and your questions. He doesn't believe in prescribing meds and helps you work on a healthy alternative that may include meds that hopefully will ween you off the meds! Do it, your healthcare is too important!

October 2017

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Brianna Marie
Forgotten about & neglected patient

Forgotten about & neglected patient after being sold a dream. While I loved Dr Parker & his staff initially, there were several concerning misses along my time with Parker Medical. Initially we clicked right away, Dr told me what was included in the membership & I signed up for the concierge package that was to cover unlimited visits, and individualized attention. While I am very healthy and did not need nutrition or wellness counseling, I do suffer from autoimmune diseases in which I am healing naturally, so treating any medical issue at all naturally was of key importance. I developed a severe infection, and should have done my own research in treatment options/medication side effects but I didn't. The medication I was prescribed gave me more than 73 side effects including bleeding gums, suicidal thoughts and more. I stopped them on my and then did the research to find that there was a simple laser procedure that I could have done (and did) which healed the infection completely-no side effects. I wish I would have been told all of the options. Unfortunate set of circumstances, nothing I blamed him for but knowing all of my options & personalized care was why I signed up for Parker medical. Next, several months later, I started to receive large bills for every single visit (even just to get simple lab test results) and when I spoke to the Dr, he did want to make it right & allowed me to switch accounts to a PCP which more would have been covered. Although minus a couple of injection fees, I still paid for all of the other charges. This is also when I realized that nothing was being noted on my charts or account. I provided a very organized and detailed history as well as filled out all paperwork in detail but many mistakes were made as far as my medical history, insurance status etc. Concerning but I blew it off as a new practice working out the kinks. Then in an attempt to balance my hormones optimally, I was given DHEA/Testosterone along with my other hormone regimen. I started having adverse reactions in which I messaged Dr about several times. He told me that I most likely had stress related hair loss. I didn't. When I re-tested my levels, I had way too much test/dhea and he didn't realize that he should have told me to stop taking it more than a month prior to. He ended up paying for the last refill I got since it was their mistake. Thankfully, my hair has regrown, and its now fuzzy all over my head in between my long hair but its growing. If it hadn't, I don't even know! Sheesh! I really don't need to see a Dr much as I am very healthy, just to do occasional testing to make sure my hormone levels were doing ok. I never actually saw the Dr again, and most of the testing I did were tests that I requested trying to get to the bottom of any root cause of the autoimmune issues. Definitely seemed as though I wasn't important enough, even after I sent a huge edible arrangement and didn't receive so much as a thank you. Not that I wanted praise, just an acknowledgment of receipt would have been nice. Had to call the edible arrangement shop to make sure they received. Lastly, without sufficient notice, I was discarded as a patient. This was a business move on Drs part that I cannot blame him for. Only specializing on concierge patients and raising the fees. Being that I don't need a Dr aside from a few blood tests to optimize wellness, that didn't make sense. I received a letter stating that I would have him as my Dr until Sept 30th. Then in Sept, an email stating that it would be Sept 26th. What's disappointing further is that he would only refill my scripts for 1 month. I've never had a dr leave me high & dry like that. Its difficult to find one that aligns with my viewpoints of conventional med/pharma as an outdated bandaid in most cases and so it will & has taken months to find someone new. Still searching actually-have been since the letter was received. Now that I need to give my medical history to a new person, I find that I am locked out of my patient profile on their site already! Its not the 26th yet either. While I did like Dr Parker as a person & business man, I didn't like being sold a pipe dream and having it fall so short on some very important and avoidable things. His office staff is also stellar.

September 2018

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